The Joico Blonde Life Collection is Now Available at Stone Hair

The Joico Blonde Life Collection is Now Available at Stone Hair

A Glistening Collection of Protective and Detoxifying Home-Care Products

Below are some examples of products we stock from this range:

Blonde Life Oil:

Prepare for a burst of crystal-clear shine and softness that puts blondes in the forefront. Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil quickly boosts the luminosity of even the lightest hair, nourishing and protecting each fragile strand with a megawatt sparkle with just one use.

Blonde Life Brilliant Tone:

Brilliant Tone Violet Smoothing Foam, the dual-action styling breakthrough that tackles brass while leaving hair extraordinarily smooth, bouncy, and super soft, is as light as a cloud and as cool as it gets.

Blonde Life Violet Shampoo:

Blonde Life Violet Shampoo is a dazzling, brass-neutralizing cleanser that rapidly banishes undesired yellow tones, so cool blondes stay lovely and icy. It is also free of SLS/SLES Sulphates*.

Blonde Life Brightening Mask:

By eliminating the trace minerals that cause dullness and yellowing, this wonder treatment quickly hydrates, softens, and amps up your pale strands. Nothing too thick, nothing greasy… This is pure on-tone, crystal-clear perfection.

Where Can I Find These Wonder Products?

Stone Hair stocks all of the above products, and more. All you need to do is browse our online shop to find what you’re looking for.