Blonde Hair in 60 Seconds with BLONDA™ Toning

Blonde Hair in 60 Seconds with BLONDA™ Toning

Unite BLONDA Shampoo bottle

BLONDA™ Toning Shampoo is meant to lighten and brighten blonde tones and highlights in about one minute. Unwanted brassy tones are gently cleansed, purified, and neutralised with this ultra-violet solution. The best thing is that it lasts for multiple shampoos, especially when used in conjunction with our BLONDA™ Daily Shampoo.

It benefits your hair by cleansing gently while toning. Brassiness is reduced in blonde, grey, or any other tone, and there are no parabens or sodium chloride added.

The best outcomes are achieved when you apply BLONDA™ Toning Shampoo to wet hair and lather. Allow 1 minute (do not exceed) before rinsing thoroughly. Finish with BLONDA™ Fix or BLONDA™ Daily Conditioner.

Unite BLONDA Conditioner Bottle

BLONDA™ Daily Conditioner is formulated to moisturize and maintain blonde hair every day – on both tone AND no-tone days. This colour-protecting conditioner will soothe, freshen, and hydrate hair without leaving any heavy residues that will fade blonde hair. Just like you, your hair is silky, shining, and cool!

It benefits your hair with a light sheen, locking in the tone. The vitamin-rich moisturisers heal and protect the skin, and it is ideal for daily use.

The best outcomes you can get are when you begin with BLONDA™ Daily Shampoo for daily usage or BLONDA™ Toning Shampoo once a week. After that, apply BLONDA™ Daily Conditioner and keep it on for 1 to 3 minutes before rinsing.